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I AM A MIXED MEDIA FIBER ARTIST…a Weaver, Dyer, Mark Maker.  My mediums are: cloth, yarn, dyes, fabric paint, embroidery threads, and found objects.

I fell in love with fiber in 1975 when I took two semesters of an elective called Weaving.  The feel and colors of the fiber set off a spark in me.  I could spend a lifetime and never experience all it's depths.

I am a rag weaver.  This is a process/technique where I use cloth to reconstruct a new piece of cloth. The process involves taking new yardage or old clothes, cutting them in 1/2” to 1” strips, then weaving them instead of yarn.   I then embellish this woven canvas with other mediums.    

I currently work in Fine Craft Design in my home studio located in Hendersonville, NC.